Tuesday, July 27, 2010


FREE GROCERIES & GAS Is it really happening? Over 10,000 people are getting FREE GROCERIES & GAS @ Walmart & Sam's! The list grows by hundreds a day and will be in the thousands daily in a very short time! Not only are we getting our FREE GIFT CARDS From Walmart, we are using them to get anything we need from them. Like FREE PHARMACY, FREE ELECTRONICS, FREE CLOTHES, FREE BABY AND TODDLER PRODUCTS, FREE TIRES, FREE OIL CHANGES, FREE SCHOOL SUPPLIES, FREE GAS, FREE LAWNMOWERS, FREE BIKES, FREE GRILLS, FREE GAMES, FREE CHRISTMAS GIFTS, (Wow that will save a ton of money itself!) and litterally anything else Walmart and Sam's has to offer!!!!


Now Nick; You are lying to us, How can they give anything free like this?
Well I thought it was a lie as well until I got my Walmart Gift Cards and used them! Not only that but they paid us an additionanl $300.00 in cash for each time we complete a cycle! That means every time we cycle we get a $200.00 Gift Card from Walmart and $ 300.00 in cash!!

Our daughter is having our second grandchild and man is it expensive to have a baby today, We are using the Gift Cards to buy from Walmart and Sam's the supplies needed for this newborn when she comes,,Which is any day now!

We are also using them for my other grandbaby, NayNay! She's 2 years old. She loves balls and we get a lot of them, all different shapes and sizes. She is very precious and we make sure she is taken care of. With our FREE Walmart gift cards all these things are possible! Not counting the food we are able to get like, Steaks, Hamberger meat, Fruits, Vegies and any other food item we need!

One of our main goals is to be able to give some of these Walmart Gift Cards to families that need them. This is what it is about we are all in this together and helping others should be our main focus in life regardless of how we feel! How many families like yours and mine that you know RIGHT NOW that can use a Walmart Gift Card of $200.00 dollars! I bet you can name 10 in just a few short minutes! I can name more than that! Well this is the Train we are taking together for all of us and to help the ones we know that could use those Walmart Gift Cards!

When you sign up it is FREE, then what you do is you buy a grocery voucher for $200.00 and then tell 6 other people about this and they do the same and when this happens you get Paid $300.00 cash and a $200.00 Walmart Gift Card.

Now hold on a minute Nick, You said it was free!!!


When you get the Grocery voucher, You are not out the $200.00, you can use at anytime to buy what ever groceries you want! So you are not out the money because you and I and everyone else will spend way more than that on groceries. So why not get it Free and never buy groceries again! It's that simple, It really is that Simple! Look if Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki are doing it...Shouldn't we as well!!!! There are alot more doing it too and you will see them when you go to my link and sign up, so see you there and enjoy saving all that MOOLLAAA for stuff that you have been wanting for a while or if you want to just put it in the bank and save it. It is your choice what you do with what you make!


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